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Trump Jr gets slammed for his 'poorest of the poor' Indians have a smile on their faces comment

Donald Trump Jr had a foot-in-the mouth moment, and Twitter's in no mood to forgive

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 22 February 2018, 10:27 PM
Donald Trump Jr is in India to explore real estate options

Donald Trump Jr is in India to explore real estate options Image: AP

Donald Trump's in the country. Nope, we are not talking of US Prez Donald Trump, but his eldest son Donald Trump Jr — why do they have the same name, bruh?

Trump Jr is here as a businessman, to basically promote Trump Towers in the country. In short, he's here to sell luxury apartments.

During a business discussion, where he was answering why he's keen on investing in India, Trump Jr had a foot-in-the-mouth moment (umm, is that genetic? #justasking). While talking about the 'unique' Indian spirit, he remarked that he's seen even the poorest of the poor here have a smile on their faces — huh? So poor people don't smile in other parts of the world? And, how did he know that the 'poorest of the poor' here have a smile on their faces? By interacting with billionaire businessmen?

Here, sample this.


His words left a huge impact, and in no time, he was slammed by numerous netizens for his tasteless, ignorant remark.









But someone jumped to his defence and said he was misquoted.



But we did hear him say those words. Looks like verbal diarrhoea runs in the family. If the Trumps want that covfefe with Indians, they should stop patronising and get a grip on 'em words. It's like they don't even realise what they say. #Facepalm

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