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Tripura CM Biplab Deb's foot-in-mouth syndrome continues. And it's all about being civil (engineers)

And we are LOL-ing at the jokes that followed

Nanda Das @nanda1das 30 April 2018, 5:19 PM
This is a hattrick for Biplab, a gift that keeps on giving

This is a hattrick for Biplab, a gift that keeps on giving Image: Twitter

Looks like the newly-elected Tripura chief minister, Biplab Kumar Deb, is in no mood to control his urge to make unnecessary, illogical and insensitive comments. After criticising Diana Hayden for being Miss World and blurting out a bizarre theory of Internet existing in the era of  The Mahabharata, now he feels only civil engineering students should take up civil services, not those who persued mechanical engineering.

He gave out these pearls of wisdom while addressing a seminar organised by Tripura Veterinary Council, and the CM perhaps wanted to dole out some crucial gyan to the engineering students of the state. 

"Those who are from a mechanical engineering background should not opt for civil services. Society has to be built up. Civil engineers have this knowledge... Because those in the administration have to build the society," said the 46-year-old Arts graduate at the seminar. 



Of course, you cannot say something so lame and get away scot-free in the time of social media. People started making fun of his illogical statement with #BiplabDebLogic trending on Twitter. Have a dekko at some of them:







We're guessing he got confused because of the word 'civil' in civil engineering and services. A legit mistake, we'd say.

After the Twitter backlash and a reported summon from Prime Minister Narendra Modi (we're certain it was the latter that did the trick), Deb issued a clarification of his statement.

 "I did not say that mechanical engineers must not go for civil services. I said that civil engineers should join civil services as they have experience about administration," he said. 

Errm, that don't impress me much!

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