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Yo Avengers, Toronto police have successfully arrested Thanos

Okay, so can we please have a whole movie on How Toronto Police Caught Thanos, STAT?

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 14 May 2018, 3:15 PM
Thanos, you don't mess with Toronto police

Thanos, you don't mess with Toronto police Image: Twitter

Ever since Avengers: Infinity War was announced and the film came by, the intergalactic superhero squad has been planning to defeat Thanos. They even hit the dust (quite literally) while doing so. At least, in the third Avengers movie.

In our humble opinion, all they had to do was get in touch with the officers at Toronto police. Cuz, believe it or not (you should believe it), they arrested Thanos with a snap of their fingers (did you get the pun?). Easy peasy!

In a picture that has gone viral and is now a successful meme, the mightier-than-Avengers officers at Toronto police are seen cuffing a man clad in Thanos-like attire. They got Thanos, dude. 

The Mad Titan may have collected all the six Infinity stones, snapped his fingers and erased half of the universe, but looks like his sunset-viewing upon the grateful universe didn't last much longer. The minute the picture hit the Internet, reactions poured in and we're enjoying every bit of it. *grabs popcorn*

Well, well, well! Look who got arrested. You don't mess with Toronto police, Thanos. You just don't!

BTW, the identify of the masked man has not been revealed by the police officials. So, is it safe to guess Josh Brolin wasn't under that suit? 

Can we please have a whole movie on How Toronto Police Caught Thanos, STAT?

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