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To all those concerned, calling someone a woman or transgender cannot be an insult. Listen up, RGV

Ram Gopal Varma's tweets about Tiger Shroff only prove that in our country, any gender label besides a male one is derogatory

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 14 April 2017, 7:10 PM
Messed up, RGV?

Messed up, RGV? Image: Twitter

Apparently, any gender identitiy, besides male, is a slur in B-town. Our theory just found enough validation when a certain Aag-inducing filmmaker referred to an up and coming male star as a woman and a transgender. Now, if he meant it with kindness, we take back our questions. How can calling someone a woman or tansgender possibly be an insult? What is so blasphemous about it? Of course, besides messing up with Tiger Shroff's gender identity. But Ram Gopal Varma, of course, meant it in the way most of our countrymen still use the words 'woman' or 'transgender' in reference to a man — as an offence.

To the unitiated, RGV called Tiger Shroff a woman and a trangender in an audio tape, which was recently released by actor Vidyut Jamwal. Though the Shroff clan handled the matter with poise, RGV went on an apologetic rant (by somehow bringing in Big B and Steven Spielberg into the mix). A regular Wednesday for RGV, you might say. The filmmaker's Twitter actions garner a whole lot more publicity than his films, and he seems pretty okay with it.

What we are not okay with is how effortlessly RGV turned two entire gender identities into a slur. Calling Tiger Shroff a woman or a transgnder was a mistake, because he is not one. But it also draws attention to the fact that in our country, any gender label besides a male one is derogatory. For the very same reason, a certain female actor can call herself a tomboy, but the minute a male actor refers to himself as feminine (which has never happened in the history of anything), he is judged and ridiculed relentlessly.

So, to sum it up, you can be any version of a man, but no other gender criterion should apply to you. Food for thought?

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