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This sweet jail-breaking baby and her pups are aww-worthy

Mission Food. Featuring baby Chloe, and the Golden Retriever brothers, Bleau and Colby

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 9 June 2018, 3:04 PM
Chloe with one of her Golden Retriever brothers

Chloe with one of her Golden Retriever brothers Image: Instagram/ Cheesepups

Kids and puppies make some crackling company. These mischievous partners in crime watch each other's back come what may. And we have one such funny anecdote that will make you go aww.

Fifteen-month-old Chloe and her Golden Retriever brothers, Bleau and Colby, also called the Cheese Patrol, are the best of friends. Bleau and Colby are super fond of Chloe and vice versa. The trio can go to any extent to keep each other happy. So, when Bleau and Colby nudge baby Chloe in the wee hours for breakfast, she wakes up and wobbles down the hallway to serve them food. And guess what, Chloe's parents weren't even aware of this secret mission, up until now.

One fine morning, Chloe's mum Nina saw her tot wandering in the hallway at six in the morning. She couldn't comprehend as to how the baby managed to open the door of her room and climb down the stairway. So, she installed a camera in the baby's room to solve the mystery. The video recorded was gold. 

In the video, Bleu and Colby enter Chloe's room at around six in the morning and wake her up as it is time for their breakfast. Chloe, being the faithful friend that she is, helps the doggo-duo out. 

Check out the video:

Chloe's mommy was awestruck when she watched the video. And so are we. Cuteness overload!

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