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This Marvel-ous Spider-Man promposal is winning the Internet. #Aww

Netizens can't keep it chill at all. Nor can we

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 19 May 2018, 3:07 PM
This guy was dangling upside down for more than five minutes

This guy was dangling upside down for more than five minutes Image: Twitter

Well, schools in India don’t have the concept of a prom, but, we are still aware of how it’s a really big thing outside. We have a dumbed down concept of Freshers, but that's just in college and not at school-level.

Anyway, it’s prom season and heart-warming promposals (prom proposals) are cropping up on our timelines. We were so smitten by that elaborate Bollywood promposal on Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Yeah, this one, right here. 

But then, another Marvel-ous one caught our eye. 

Dressed as Spider Man, Adam, who is clearly a Marvel fan (we likes), asked Jenna Mckintosh out the Spidey way — dangling upside down. He had a placard which read:

“It would be MARVEL-ous to go to prom with you.”

And, the gurl agreed. Who wouldn’t, BTW? She, in fact, tweet about the proposal herself. She even revealed he had texted her to come outside and he was dangling for good five minutes. Oh, the head rush!

The Internet is awwing over the two and we’re joining in.

She even put across a condition that if the tweet crosses 4,167.8 RTs, he will wear this Spidey costume to prom.

Umm, the Tweet is at 2,427 RTs. C’mon Netizens, do what you do. Show ‘em some love.

These guys are so cute. Wish we got a cutesy promposal. Alas!

We so wish.

We so wish. GIF: Giphy

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