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This Marvel-lous man has watched Infinity War 45 times, and still won't stop. *grand salute*

Movie marathon taken to a whole new level

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 8 June 2018, 1:07 PM
Nem: The Inifinity Watcher is a jabra Marvel fan

Nem: The Inifinity Watcher is a jabra Marvel fan Image: Twitter

Avengers: Infinity War is a cult film. If you do not agree with that statement, please don't even talk... Ugh! We don't need that kind of negativity in life.

So, we were saying how great the third Avengers movie was and how it has amassed fandom like no movie ever. That bit is cent per cent true. Fans have gone to extreme lengths to watch that movie. But we are now officially fans of this fan, who is on a record-breaking spree of watching Avengers: Infinity war in the theatre.

Nem: The Infinity Watcher (that be his name now), a YouTuber, has watched A:IW 45 times. FORTY-EFFIN' FIVE times! 



Tony “Nem” Mitchell documents it with a selfie per show. Sometimes, he even watches two or more shows in a day.

At first, people thought he was fibbing. But then Nem started uploading pictures as proof.

He is doing so because he wants to support Marvel and the Russo Brothers reach the $2 billion mark. He's def contributing a whole lot from his end. Someone, please give this man an award. Marvel, you listening?

Fans are lauding him.

BTW, did we tell you that he's going to the premiere of Avengers 4? Oh, he is! He shared an update.

And he has got 50 free tickets from IMAX, too. WHAAAATTTT!??

He is #Fangoals. Dude's unstoppable and we're sure he has scrutinised each frame per second of the movie. He's few shows away from a half-century and we think he's headed towards a century in no time. May the force be with you, Nem. Okay, wrong universe but you get it!

We so damn want to watch the movie now. *signs off*

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