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This man did something special to stop his nephew from getting bullied

David Pendragon's nephew was being bullied in school for carrying a 'girly' lunchbox

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 12 June 2018, 3:37 PM
David carrying the lunchbox for which his nephew got bullied to his office

David carrying the lunchbox for which his nephew got bullied to his office Image: Facebook/ David Pendragon

Kids being bullied in school isn't a new thing. Bullying affects children adversely, so much so that they often withdraw into a shell. And parents often fail to recognise such behavioural changes. But David Pendragon, a North Carolina resident, made sure his nephew's bullying episode didn't go unnoticed.

Apparently, Pendragon's nephew Ryker was bullied at school because he brought a lunchbox which had cats drawn on it and was pink in colour. Ryker was pretty excited about his lunchbox, but after being bullied by his peers for carrying a 'girly' lunchbox, he stopped carrying it to school. In fact, he didn't want to carry lunch fearing his bully friends. It was then that Pendragon came to Ryker's rescue.

He bought a similar looking lunchbox for himself and carried it to office. He tried to prove a point. And in a heartening turn of events, Pendragon received an overwhelming response. In fact, many of his colleagues bought the same lunchbox to support him. 

Pendragon shared the entire episode on Facebook and people flooded his wall with positive comments. Some of them asked Ryker not to be scared of bullies. This post has gone viral with 1,49,000 likes and 60,476 shares.

Now, that's quite a move, isn't it?

Kids, don't let bullies dent your confidence. Do what you want to, not what others expect of you. 

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