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This is not a regular love story: Read at your own risk

Has anyone told you lately that you should love yourself first? We present a guide to celebrating narcissistic love in the times of mushy Valentine's Day overkill

Jayeeta Mazumder 14 February 2017, 4:30 PM

In the words of the great filmy philosopher Geet, tell yourself this: "Main apni sabse favourite hoon!" Illustration: Ankita Mitra

Tinder gets more fun with this new update Illustration: Ankita Mitra

This is that damn-near-perfect couple flooding your timelines with their damn-near-perfect love story. Extreme narcissists, a match made in heaven. Now, brace yourself for more selfies. Illustration: Ankita Mitra

If you know you're taken seriously, play the narcissist Love Guru. Sign up for doling out advice to the helpless lovers today. Illustration: Ankita Mitra

Now, since this is a guide, that's a love story you wanna avoid. Don't be the Echo to a buzzkill Narcissus. Nope. Illustration: Ankita Mitra

There’s no love like self-love. No, really. Often, in a bid to celebrate the idea of love and loved ones, you forget the most important person in your life — yourself. In the words of Geet, the famous love doyenne from Jab We Met, try telling yourself: “Main apni sabse favourite hoon” (I am my most favourite). Do it today.

Hindi cinema’s favourite bubbly heroine underlined a love you’re not used to celebrating. She wasn’t far from echoing the great author Charles Bukowski: “If you have the ability to love, love yourself first.”

Go ahead, worship yourself but don’t be a psycho about it like that moronic, mythical Narcissus. Since no one tells you to love yourself anymore, we present a case for celebrating narcissistic love on Valentine’s Day.

The extreme narcissistic lover, the perfect narcissistic couple, the overconfident narcissist — it’s all in here. We give you 5 stories from the point of view of people who love themselves to bits. This can also act as a guide, just in case you’ve decided to give the clichéd idea of Valentine’s Day a miss.

BRB, after arranging the flowers I bought for myself today.

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