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This Father's Day, can we get past the Papa Ki Pari Hoon Main statuses? FFS!

Oh wait, considering we are a sensitive lot, this is not meant to disrespect the genuine papa ki paris at all

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 16 June 2018, 3:49 PM
Keep calm, cuz Papa Ki Pari Hoon Main

Keep calm, cuz Papa Ki Pari Hoon Main Image: Rajshri Productions

Disclaimer: The views expressed are personal and also on behalf of a certain section of people. In no way are we disrespecting anyone's genuine emotions and feelings towards their dads. The real papa ki paris, no offence meant, truly.

So, it's Father's Day. The one day when everyone showers love upon their superhero dads, post lovey-dovey messages about them and make their fathers feel special. And then come, the 'Papa ki pari hoon main' statuses. Which are cute, but also so 2003. OTT!

Yeah, Kareena, we're looking at you for doling out the gem of a song in your cult film Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon. *eyerolls*

Say, what?

Say, what? GIF: Giphy

We are sort of non-believers in the concept of having one day dedicated to our dads cuz in our humble opinion, they don't just stop being dads for the other 364/365 days, and should be respected or their efforts commemorated every day. Just like no one day should be Mother's Day, Women's Day, Men's Day, et al. But that's highly subjective and there have been endless debates over that. You believe it, you don't believe it, or are least bothered by it. Totally up to you. 


Whatevs! GIF: Giphy

Before you go all ballistic on us, and remind us how “our business is our business, none of your business”, we humbly would like to say, seeing such posts on our timelines makes it our business. Hearing (unintentionally) you say it over and over again, makes it our business. “Unfollow or unfriend them,” you'd suggest. And we take your word for it and do that. Or do that beforehand itself. 

But dudettes, give your 'ol man a break. We're pretty sure they're tired of hearing it, too. They might not be saying it out loud, probably because they love their offsprings, no matter what. But think about it.

Personally, I got laughed at when a younger me told my dad the same. He was like, what's your deal and was effin' irritated with me. And never have I ever used it again. Not saying that one dad not wanting to hear it makes it a dad-universal thing. But if there's one, there are probably others, too.

So FFS, can we get past the pari phase?

P.S. Same goes for 'daddy's li'l girl'. But all thanks to Priyanka Chopra, people are still not over it. 

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