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This bar manager's efforts to make an elderly customer happy is heart-touching

Benjamin Lopez tried to cheer up a bar regular when he saw him boozing all by himself

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 11 June 2018, 2:17 PM
Benjamin Lopez with John

Benjamin Lopez with John Image: Facebook/ Benjamin Lopez

We know drinking alone feels mighty fine and helps you gain perspective. But solo drinkers will agree that it's not always a great experience. At times, you do look for someone to share a pint or some stories with.

Something similar happened when a Northampton-based bar manager Benjamin Lopez noticed an elderly man called John drinking alone on a regular basis. 

He thought of chatting John up, considering he is a regular at the pub. Much to Lopez's surprise, John opened up and gave his poignant story away. Apparently, John is a loner. His parents and brothers have passed away. He isn't married, so he is all by himself.

Talking about John, Lopez told, "John told me that he has no family anymore. Both his parents and his brother had died, and he has no wife or kids. He said he lives alone and doesn't really get the chance to talk to anyone anymore."

Lopez showed the Facebook post to John, who in turn couldn't control his happiness. He was moved by Lopez's gesture

Lopez showed the Facebook post to John, who in turn couldn't control his happiness. He was moved by Lopez's gesture Image: Facebook/The Lord Byron

Lopez thought of putting up a post about John on Facebook. Much to his surprise, the post went viral. People's response to the story was overwhelming. Some of them bought John glasses of beer, while the rest approached John at the bar and struck up a conversation with him to give him company. 

"John was really happy when I showed him. I don't think it's all sunk in yet. I don't think he's really got his head around it all," Lopez was quoted saying.

"We've had people getting in touch from all over the UK. People have messaged to offer to buy him a drink. One woman got in touch to ask how much a John Smith's (a beer) cost. I told her £3.20 and she transferred the money straight over," Lopez added.

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