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Think twice before going off to sleep, your bae might make memes of you

Eria Auguste asked Netizens to make memes of her boyfriend's picture

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 14 July 2018, 1:59 PM
Have you been memed by your bae?

Have you been memed by your bae? Image: Facebook

Want to troll or poke fun at someone? Just Photoshop your way out. But what if your own friends or partners are real meanies and use Photoshop to embarrass you. Now, that would be really upsetting.

Well, Eria Auguste from Baltimore used Photoshop to create memes of her boyfriend's picture. In fact, she asked people in the Facebook group 'I'm telling God'  to make memes so that she could troll her boyfriend later by showing him all that he missed while he was sleeping. All this was taking place when the two were on a road trip.

'I’m telling God', a closed group, specialises in making dank memes. In the picture, the poor chap is seen sleeping blissfully, with his mouth open, oblivious to the conspiracy hatched by his girlfriend.

Eria posted a message on 'I'm telling God', writing, "Please take this picture of my bf "having fun" on our road trip and put different scenes/ travel destinations in the window. I am going to tell him about all the stuff he missed while he was zonked. Update: the hashtag is #SleepyScott."

From Putin to Kim Jong-un, Ryan Reynolds to Mark Zuckerberg, the pictures had all of them in the background. The memes are doing the rounds on Facebook since yesterday.

Take a look at some of them:

Want some more? Here you go.

We wonder what Eria's boyfriend's response was. 

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