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The Disloyal Man meme has taken the Internet by storm

A random stock photo turned into a hilarious meme is literally all of us

Kaushani Banerjee 27 August 2017, 7:32 PM
A man looks at another woman walking by while his girlfriend looks at him disapprovingly

A man looks at another woman walking by while his girlfriend looks at him disapprovingly Image: Twitter

We’ve all been in this situation. You’re walking down the street with your boyfriend or girlfriend thinking about how life couldn’t be more perfect. Suddenly someone, whose face you’ve barely noticed, walks past the two of you and your bae whips around to look at the person and then you’re upset. Well, your everyday trouble has been turned into a meme with a picture borrowed from stock photo inventory Shutterstock. The site describes it as 'The Disloyal Man walking with his girlfriend and looking amazed at another seductive girl'. Okay, then.

Known as The Disloyal Man, The Distracted Boyfriend, Man Looking at Other Woman, but regardless of the name, this man’s whistling face has been popping out of our screens. And the Internet got its moment. Of course we loved it. Who wouldn't if the Internet had its explanations ready.

Economics through The Disloyal Man...

Explaining memes through a meme...

A meme really isn’t a meme until somebody makes a political joke, isn't it?

Then came the endless variations of the meme...

But things took a dark turn and had our heads spinning. The Internet came up with fascinating definitions of the Disloyal Man’s back-story and we couldn’t be more amazed. So, while the original picture led to plenty of memes, the follow-up pictures discovered by netizens have given us a solid continuation to the story and a prequel too. See it for yourself:

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