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10 tweets about Black Panther that will make your day, we bet

The memes have got us screaming Wakanda forever!

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 6 March 2018, 6:50 PM
Killmonger: Hey Auntie. We: Haaye!

Killmonger: Hey Auntie. We: Haaye! Image: Twitter

Hey y'all people who can't stop raving about how awesome and how cool Black Panther was, join us in exclaiming, “Wakanda forever” — with hands crossed over the chest, of course.

Now, that's out of the way, let's get to business. Our world pre and post the Marvel-lous BP has been so different. We mean, what the effin' awesomesauce hell of a movie was that? We have been having such a strong hangover of the film that we are constantly checking up on any news about the film and the characters.

In one of our social media trippings, we chanced upon some really cool memes and jokes about our current fave film. And, wouldn't it be too selfish to just keep 'em laughs to ourselves? So, here you go. These 10 tweets will surely make your day, as they have made ours!





Oh, dayam!


If I fits, I sits...


Technically, this is not from Black Panther. But, it sure has our Black Panther.


Who did this?




So cool.


Wordplay on fleek.


*hides face*


Not going to say anything, tho.


And, and, and, here's a BONUS, you simply can't miss. This li'l dude is winning our hearts and the Internet.

Ok, we swear this is the last one.


Now, waiting for a 'Hey Auntie' meme. *winks*

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