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The embarrassing reason why #TalkToAMuslim is trending right now

Spread love not hate

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 18 July 2018, 3:17 PM
It's time we bid bigotry a final goodbye

It's time we bid bigotry a final goodbye Image: Twitter

Hindu-Muslim bhai-bhai, but if so, why do we need a hashtag to make us talk to each other?

Our Constitution says India is a secular country, but our countrymen continue to suffer from jingoism and religious bigotry, and minorities are relentlessly made to feel insecure and vulnerable.

Secularism has certainly gone for a toss and Islamophobia is on the rise.

It's time to let go of the stigma and practise some real secularism. And here are some Tweeple who are trying their bit to do away with the bigotry and spread love irrespective of religious faith with the hashtag #TalkToAMuslim

Actors such as Gauhar Khan and Swara Bhasker are following suit. 

"YES. A hundred times yes. #India will not succumb to hate. #TalkToAMuslim RT Share and participate guys ! Let’s spread the message of love and peace," tweeted Swara Bhasker.

"#TalkToAMuslim seriously didn’t think a day would come where talking to a muslim leader or a commoner would question ur patriotism or ur belief in ur own faith!!by land I am a Hindu ,by faith I am a Muslim and by heart n soul INDIAN is my identity !!! #killThehate #spreadlove," tweeted Gauhar Khan.

Poet Harnidh Kaur summed up the problem with a Twitter thread. "Uncomfortable with #TalkToAMuslim? Me too! As a minority it makes me feel uncomfortable and tokenised and that’s PRETTY AMAZING because we anyway are made to feel those on a regular!" she wrote.

And here's what others have to say:

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