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Sonam Kapoor's response to the name-change debate is a major facepalm

Silence is golden most of the time

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 17 May 2018, 2:56 PM
Looks like Sonam doesn't read between the lines of feminism

Looks like Sonam doesn't read between the lines of feminism Image: Twitter

"Google it!" is something we say almost every day. Don't know the way to a restaurant? Google it. How much is $1 when converted to rupees? Google it. And it works because, well, Google is the largest library of curated information. But when a (self-proclaimed) feminist says, "Google the definition of feminism", you can rest assured that virtual eyes are rolling at her from every corner. Who is this very learned, aware and woke feminist among us? Sonam K Ahuja, erstwhile Sonam Kapoor.

Oops, Sonam did it again! If Britney Spears ever comes back into the business, she should pick this to be her comeback song. For Sonam did really play the feminism card (again) and lost the game.

Here's putting things in perspective: Sonam got hitched to her long-term beau, Anand Ahuja, in a PR event (just kidding) for her upcoming film, Veere Di Wedding. And even before the first tweets about the marriage made it to your timeline, Sonam had changed her name, adopting her husband's last name, on social media. Venom was being spewed on this poor lass for this un-feminist step — how could she support patriarchy by taking her husband's last name? That's so Sooraj Barjatiya! Others pointed out that it was 'her choice', which makes it a perfectly feminist step. 

Sonam plays judge, jury and executioner

Sonam plays judge, jury and executioner Image:

We really have nothing to say about this part, except that taking your father's last name is also pretty patriarchal. But having said that, the speed at which Sonam did it could put The Flash to shame. After a raging social media war of words, the debate was just about to die out when Sonam evoked her inner Britney, and "Oops!'

"If people don't understand the concept of feminism, they need to go online and look at the description. And how do you know Anand has not changed his name?" Sonam said in an interview to NDTV.

Now, there are two things wrong in that sentence — Googling an address is different from reading Cliffnotes about feminism. Is Sonam's knowledge of feminism as deep as the Wikipedia entry on the subject? Hmm... I think we know the answer to that already. 

Sonam first changed her name to 'talented', then to Ahuja

Sonam first changed her name to 'talented', then to Ahuja Image:

The second part was about Anand changing his name and adopting Sonam's. Well, he did. On Instagram. His name now reads Anand S Ahuja and it's really not rocket science to deduce that S stands for Sonam. But does anyone else feel it's a sort of damage control, to drive home the point that Sonam just happened to make?

Surely he didn't defy the speed of light, like Sonam did, in changing her name. But all things said and done, Sonam and Anand both changed their names, while Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli still haven't. People, that's the Twitter war you need to focus your inexhaustible energies on.

Sonam Kapoor rushing to conclusions about feminism...

Sonam Kapoor rushing to conclusions about feminism... Image:

So what are we outraging about? Not the name for sure. Because the Cliffnotes on William Shakespeare says the Bard had said something like "What's in a name" and it makes perfect sense in this scenario. We're skeptical about the kind of stuff Sonam's reading on the Internet about feminism. Is it something like "10 signs that you are a feminist" or "How feminist are you? Take the quiz to find out"?

Because no way can a woman who stands for feminism, which in turn stands for de-objectification of women in art and pop culture (ya, that was the implied part in the online definition. This actually requires a bit of understanding) would go ahead and objectify men in the song, Tareefan, from Veere Di Wedding, something she's so proud of. Where's the equality in that? 

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