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Why are people okay with Ranbir Kapoor dating a 10-years-younger Alia, but not Priyanka dating a younger Nick Jonas?

Two Bollywood stars are taking similar relationship routes, but the rules of the game are still dictated by gender

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 31 May 2018, 5:30 PM
Pee Cee be like: Dude, even you are dating someone a decade younger. Why doesn't society take digs at you, too?

Pee Cee be like: Dude, even you are dating someone a decade younger. Why doesn't society take digs at you, too? Image: Fotocorp

ICYMI, the world recently found out that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are reportedly dating. And reactions started pouring in. 

We even found picture proof that fuelled the dating rumours.

From being happy for Pee Cee to slamming her for dating a Jonas brother who is a decade younger than her, people had a lot to say. But mostly, people pointed out their age difference and slammed Pee Cee for dating a younger man. Like this girl, here.

Umm, hello! What's the big problem though? 

And why is there no uproar over Ranbir Kapoor doing the same? BTW, ICYM that too, Ranbir low-key confirmed that he is dating Alia Bhatt – who is a good 10 years younger to him.

In a GQ interview, when Ranbir was asked about dating Alia he said, “It’s really new right now, and I don’t want to over speak. It needs time to breathe and it needs space. As an actor, as a person, Alia is – what’s the right word? – flowing right now. When I see her work, when I see her act, even in life, what she gives is something that I’m aspiring to for myself. It’s new for us, so let it cook a bit.[Being newly in love] always comes with a lot of excitement. It’s a new person, it comes with new beats. Old tricks become new tricks again – you know, being charming and romantic, all of that. I think I’m more balanced today. I value relationships more. I can appreciate hurt and what it does to a person much more than I could a couple years back.”

But no, people have no qualms about an older man dating or marrying a younger woman, as that has been normalised by society. Take celebrity couples Shahid Kapoor-Mira Rajput, Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor, Aamir Khan-Kiran Rao, et al for that matter.

But the same people go bat-shit crazy when a woman does the same and paint a different picture. Cases in point: Sachin Tendulkar-Anjali Mehta, Abhishek Bachchan-Aishwarya Rai, and more. They are viewed in a different light and a lot of stress is laid upon the fact that the woman is older than the man. 

Stereotype, stereotype.

Age is just a number, they say. But they say it only when the equation involves an older man and a younger woman, not the other way round. Here, two Bollywood stars are taking similar relationship routes. But a different set of rules applies to Priyanka, while a completely different set applies to Ranbir.

And that too, when people are just dating! Correction: Have just started dating. But no! People have no chill, they have to bring out their sexist attitude to play. From labelling women with terms such as cougar, paedophile, and what not, some just can't get past the age factor. Hello, misogyny! Bye-bye, logic. Also hello, hypocrisy.

This is India, a la Childish Gambino style. *points a water pistol *

All we want to say RN is, “Jaa Pee Cee jaa, jee le apni zindagi!” And the same thing to Ranbir! #RootingForEquality

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