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Shocking: Man almost dies after being bitten by severed snake head

The man had decapitated the snake on his property. He was about to dispose of it, when the severed head bit him

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 8 June 2018, 3:08 PM
A severed snake spews more venom than a living snake (Image for representative purpose only)

A severed snake spews more venom than a living snake (Image for representative purpose only) Image: Thinkstock

In a shocking incident, a Texan got bitten by the severed head of the snake he had decapitated on his property. According to CBS News, Jennifer Sutcliffe and her husband were out for yard work, when they spotted a rattlesnake on their property. Sutcliffe's husband was quick enough to kill the snake. After beheading it, he had bent down to collect the snake when the severed head bit him.

According to reports, because the head of the snake was no more attached to its body, it discharged a full load of venom at one go. Sutcliffe's husband had to be airlifted to the hospital immediately as he began having seizures and bleeding internally.

Apparently, because snakes have a low metabolism rate, their organs stay alive for a longer period of time. They inevitably get more aggressive when they are on the verge of death and do their every bit to survive. Normally, when a person gets bitten by a snake, he/she requires two to four doses of antivenom, but when bitten by a severed snake, a person is given more than 20 shots.

Sutcliffe's husband had to be given 26 doses of antivenom. The doctors had lost hope, they thought that he might succumb to the venomous bite. But luckily he survived and is stable now. Reports suggest that his kidneys aren't in a great condition though.

So, folks, think twice before killing a snake. Their vengeance might cost you your life.

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