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11 Rajinikanth jokes that will make you ROFL

Brace yourselves, there are the funniest Rajini jokes on the interweb

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 22 July 2016, 10:47 PM
Laughing at Rajini jokes? Thalaiva would 'mind it'

Laughing at Rajini jokes? Thalaiva would 'mind it' Facebook

With the return of Thalaiva in theatres with Kabali, Rajinikanth jokes are back, too. Brace yourselves for the funniest Rajini jokes circling on the interweb.

1. Rajini's dhol ki gunj


2.  Here's how Rajinikanth Googles


3.  Mark-ed it


4.  Rajini and his students


5.  Thalaiva's college be like


6. 18 years going 18 seconds


7. Who doesn't know of Thalaiva?


8. Check and mate?


9.  Pocket-ed it


10.  That's a secret she'll never tell


11. Thal-immigration


Laughing at Thalaiva? * Mind it *

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