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9-YO boy gets mocked by his family for wearing lipstick, cousin comes to his rescue

His family apparently calls him a 'chhakka' for putting on lipstick. Shocking, right? But think about it, society can often be cruel to those who don't fit the mould

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 21 June 2018, 3:40 PM
Diksha with nine-year-old Little Cuz

Diksha with nine-year-old Little Cuz Image: Facebook/Diksha Bijlani

I still remember my neighbours and parents laughing at and calling my best friend a 'chhakka' because he loved classical dancing. Apparently, he wasn't macho enough and didn't fit the stereotypical mould of an alpha male. It wasn't only outsiders who made his life hell, he was also mocked by his family. Well, this isn't an isolated case. The looming heteronormativity in our society often drains us of any modicum of gender sensitivity. And seems like this nine-year-old Delhi boy, Little Cuz (a name given to him by his cousin), has also fallen prey to such a discriminatory mindset.

Little Cuz loves to colour his nails, wear lipstick and is interested in Home Science. And hence he is called a chhakka (eunuch). Guess who calls him that? His parents. Strange, isn't it? But reality is often stranger than fiction. He is scolded by his mum for being feminine. He gets scolded so much that these days, the little one keeps to his corner and avoids wearing lipstick in the open. But there's a silver lining in the dark cloud of discrimination looming large over his life. Little Cuz isn't alone in this battle. His cousin Diksha Bijlani has his back.

She recently took to Facebook and shared Little Cuz's poignant story. What's more? She supported her cousin wearing lipstick, made her brother wear it, too, and pose for the camera. 

Hear out Little Cuz's story: 

Like Little Cuz, there are many kids who fail to discover their true selves owing to parental pressure. The outcome of living in such a stifling, prejudiced atmosphere is depression, lack of confidence and insecurities. What Diksha has done for her cousin is commendable. Little Cuz should be given the space to discover himself, his wishes and his sexuality. 

Keep going Little Cuz. 

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