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Netizens school the guy who thinks it's unfair unicorns are fake and giraffes are real

He was joking, but we all know how touchy Netizens can be, right? *winks*

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 17 July 2018, 1:16 PM
Camp unicorn or camp giraffe?

Camp unicorn or camp giraffe? Image: Twitter

Whenever we hear someone say "unicorn", our minds automatically drift to a magical land where we imagine ourselves either petting or riding one of these beautiful (but imaginary) creatures.

Plus, we also relate to Agnes's (from the Despicable Me series) emotions about their fluff.



*ded* GIF: Giphy

Now, one Twitter user — Kyle Brownlee — made a joke about unicorns and it involves giraffes, too. He said, "How are unicorns fake but giraffes are real like what’s more believable a horse with a horn or a leopard-moose-camel with a 40 foot neck."

OKAY! That's...that's...that's hurting giraffe-y sentiments. And people basically roasted him — mockingly, of course.

But the dude responded saying it was a JOKE. 

Okay, Kyle. But did you forget we are a sensitive bunch of people with a very low tolerance level for humour in general? Taking offence is one of the fundamental rights of a Netizen. #JustSaying

*Meanwhile, talking to an imaginary unicorn sitting right next to us*

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