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Netizens are not happy with the 'migraine pose'. It's quite a headache

But celebrities just won't stop doing it

Nanda Das @nanda1das 19 July 2018, 5:28 PM
Have you mastered the pose yet?

Have you mastered the pose yet? Image: Instagram

Forget the duck pout, the migraine pose is the 'it' thing in the hashtag world of Insta posing. So, how does it help your pictures? Well, just like how the duck pout gave you fuller lips, the migraine pose highlights your cheekbones and hides the double-chin. 

Make-up artist Nam Vo pretty much coined the term after Kylie Jenner did it first for the cover of Love magazine in December, last year. Nam was actually the one behind the pose in the first place. Since then, our Instagram feed has been flooded with everyone from Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid to Emily Ratajkowski doing it. 

The idea is to pull your forehead up with your hand, tighten your face and lift your eyebrows. And we're sure you have won a lot of hearts on social media doing it, too. But did it occur to you it might make a mockery of the thousands who actually go through this pain almost every single day?

As soon as Nam posted a screenshot of an article from Elle magazine, talking about the migraine pose, her post was flooded with personal stories of people who suffer from migraine, calling it insensitive.

"This troubles me so much. 38 million Americans suffer from migraines. It has destroyed my quality of life. #itsnotpretty," wrote an Instagrammer.

“Migraines are no joke I suffer from them every day and spend my days in a dark room in severe pain. When I am having a severe migraine attack my face sure as hell does not look like these poses,” said another.

Weeks later, Nam edited the post with an apology that read, "{EDIT- Hi my Dewey Dumplings, my apologies. This wasn’t meant to be offensive or hurt anyone’s feelings. I am touched by the personal stories that you have all shared. I love all my Dumplings and want you all to be happy and healthy! Its all about the LOVE. }

But angry Netizens are not convinced. "How the fuck is this post still up... with your ‘apology’ it creates even more stigma around migraneurs. Many of us have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on treatments, been fired from jobs, have had doctors tell us they can help only to realize it was just false hope again, been yelled at by friends, doctors, nurses, developed mental illnesses that make it hard for us to want to live our lives, and that’s just some of the shit we deal with simultaneously with excruciating pain and physical disability from our migraines. The symptoms are real. They hurt. And this post hurts us. Imagine an employer sees this and the next time one of their employees calls in sick or has a migraine at work they shake it off and tell them to suck it up because they’ve seen this photo? This post hurts us. The exposure @namvo got from this is majority negative. I don’t care who you are, what you do, or how much of an activist for women you are, PLEASE turn this into something positive and I promise most migraneurs that have commented here would be fucking elated to know someone without migraines that aren’t our parents, partners or children are rooting for us in our fight to stay alive," read a comment.

But defined cheekbones are more important than being sensitive about another human being. We give up. 

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