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Netizens are discussing the worst movie they've paid to see, and we're afraid some of your faves are on it

Sorry guys, but people find Love Actually, Pulp Fiction, Transformers, Secret Life of Pets, et al, bad *cries*

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 15 May 2018, 5:27 PM
Hugh Grant in Love Actually. We actually do love him and the movie as well

Hugh Grant in Love Actually. We actually do love him and the movie as well Image: Love Actually/IMDB

Movies are subject to market taste. Please review each film carefully before branding them as your favourite.

If it were to us, we'd flash this disclaimer in front of those fans who advocate and intensely critique films they don't like or blindly love. But that's the thing. It ain't up to us.

What's likeable to us might not be likeable to others and that's okay. Each person is entitled to opinions, #FreedomOfSpeechAndExpression . And, each opinion matters.

In search of some varied opinions, Twitter user Eric Bailey hit Tweeple up with a question. He asked, “What's the worst movie you ever paid to see at the theater?”

The replies he got is a mixed bag and we're afraid some of your fave films make it to the “worst movie” category. Sorry, peeps!

Oh no!

What are you saying?!

But it was cute.




Sorry, Ryan

Hey, Thor was good. Puhleez!

Oh yeah!!

Well, well.

Yeah, it was bad.

This rant, though!


We love it actually.

There are so many more. We are tearing up seeing our faves on the list. Why you do this, Tweeple? 

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