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Mumbai Uber driver starts 'ride' without picking up passenger. Man's tweet thread about it is movie script-worthy

You have to see the twists and turns the driver and the plot took

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 23 July 2018, 2:09 PM
We hope Bollywood scriptwriters are taking notes

We hope Bollywood scriptwriters are taking notes Image: Thinkstock

Cab drivers are a menace, especially in rain-struck, monsoon-ripe Mumbai. We keep hearing horror stories and each day, there's something new happening. Cab cancellation is an everyday thing. But have you come across a cabbie who instead of cancelling your ride started it without picking you up?

It happened to Mumbai resident Preshit Deorukhkar. He booked an Uber on July 19 and the driver named P started the ride without arriving at the location. Not only did he start the ride without picking up Preshit, he even drove around the city to weird locations and made stops at suspicious spots.

Preshit tweeted to Uber's support system about the gaffe, and then kept his followers engaged with screenshots of the 'ride' the driver was taking him on with some really sarcastic captions. TBH, it is nothing short of a movie script. 

Seriously, how is the driver's name P? And he has a 5-star rating.

Preshit tried to decode the ploy of the driver. So, he made some fairly sarcastic assumptions. 

Every location the driver went to, Preshit made some observation about it.

The plot thickened. 

The cabbie just roamed around aimlessly.

But did God forgive him?

And there's more masala to the story, Preshit thought.

There were cops involved, too? Whoa!

But then the ride ended. That was such a cliffhanger. Dayam!

So, how much did the bill amount to, for a ride Preshit didn't take? Well, only Rs. 857.43. *eyerolls*

And here's Uber support system's response to the whole situation. 

People really got invested in the story.

But there were others who shared Preshit's plight. This is definitely not the first time an Uber driver went rogue.

WTF! This is insaneeeee. But that was a story fit to be an Abbas-Mustan film. TBH, this seems like a way better plot than Race 3. Don't you think?

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