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More Monday blues: Mumbai works the longest hours but still can't afford the millennial life

Mumbai never sleeps. Literally

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 4 June 2018, 12:37 PM
No wonder Sid didn't want to wake up

No wonder Sid didn't want to wake up Image: Facebook

Here's a fact you already knew. You, my dear Mumbaikars, are poor and miserable. If you've been wondering where your entire day disappears and how come your paycheck seems to share the same fate, too, here's a report that actually proves all your worst fears.

According to a report by the Swiss Bank UBS, the average employee in Mumbai works 3,315 hours a year. And guess what, that's the most across the world.

The UBS assessed 77 cities across the world on a number of factors, including average annual working hours, as part of their Price And Earnings 2018 report. And it turns out employees in Mumbai, Hanoi, Mexico City, New Delhi and Bogota worked the most number of hours in a year, in comparison to employees in cities like Helsinki, Moscow, Copenhagen, Paris, Rome and Lagos.

Yup, grab the booze

Yup, grab the booze GIF: Giphy

But wait, there's more. Mumbaikars not only work the longest hours, they are also least likely to go on a vacation. The average vacation days per year is 10 for a Mumbai employee, compared to a Riyadh employee with 37 vacation days, or an employee from Moscow, St Petersburg, Barcelona and Doha with 30.

What if we're just zombies sitting at our desks?

What if we're just zombies sitting at our desks? GIF: Giphy

But do these long, vacation-less working hours pay? Err, nope. The same survey reveals that an employee has to work 900 hours in Mumbai, and 800 hours in New Delhi to be able to afford an iPhone X, whereas an employee in Zurich can buy one in just 38 hours. That's less than two days. 

Life is pointless

Life is pointless GIF: Giphy

If at this point you feel like kicking your desktop, locking yourself in the office washroom and howling (like we do), remember you can't afford to do that. Get back to work, will ya? Chop chop. 

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