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Meet the real-life Spider-Man, Ricky Mena

Ricky dons Spidey's attire and helps ailing children recuperate

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 1 June 2018, 3:37 PM
Ricky Mena is a true blue Spider-Man

Ricky Mena is a true blue Spider-Man Image: Facebook/ Ricky Mena

Spider-Man is for real. And we are not kidding. No, it's not Tom Holland or Tobey Maguire we are talking of, but 34-year-old Ricky Mena. California's real-life Spider-Man has been helping children suffering from various diseases for more than a couple of years now. Ricky dresses up like Spider-Man and visits children's hospitals,showering them with gifts and love.

Ricky has been at it since 2014. According to a BoredPanda report, it was his dead grandmother who appeared in his dream and asked him to help children as Spider-Man. In his dream, his grandmother showed him a video which had Spider-Man walking towards a children's hospital where he did his best to make the children laugh. Ricky asked his grandmother why she was showing him the video, and she responded, "That is you and when you wake up, that’s what you’ll do." Ever since Ricky has been helping children behind a mask.

There have been times when he saw children dying in front of him. In fact, once a boy took his last breath in his arms.

We have got our hands on a series of photographs where Ricky is seen helping kids. 

Ricky has also started an NGO called Heart of a Hero to help children inflicted with deadly diseases. 

Here's a heart-touching story of a kid who has been suffering from DIPG (a terminal brain tumor) for five years now.

What are superheros like? Well, somewhat like Ricky, and guys like him.

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