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Meet Pepper, the cat who had the purr-fect escape plan but was caught at JFK airport

The feline was living it up for over a week before she was 'rescued'

Nanda Das @nanda1das 30 April 2018, 6:29 PM
The cat's in the bag! (Picture for representation purposes only)

The cat's in the bag! (Picture for representation purposes only) Image: Facebook

Ten days ago, a rogue cat called Pepper eloped from her carrier at the John F Kennedy International Airport, New York. Pepper was about to board a flight with her 29-year-old owner when the carrier fell on its side and popped open. Her owner had to leave Pepper behind because she had to join a new job in China.

Since then, Pepper has been spotted several times but only from a distance. And whenever the grey-and-black feline senses that someone is trying to get hold of her, she quickly runs away in between the airline kiosks and the airport's superstructure, leaving her inaccessible to humans. She only makes an appearance early in the morning in search of food and prefers to be left to her devices through the day. 

Just a couple of days ago, the airport authority police managed to click a few shots of Pepper, where her eyes were glowing eerily. They also got a video of her scampering along the airport's ductwork. 

After evading confinement for over a week, Pepper was finally rescued by the airport police with the help of her owner's friend.  

In the last few days, Pepper has become a social media sweetheart with people offering prayers for her good health and speedy capture. And we get that pet lovers are happy that she's finally safe. But we think this was all Pepper's doing. She clearly needed a vacation and some crazy playtime. Well, as long as there was enough food to survive on. And she decided to let herself get caught when she started missing her human. Cat owners know what we mean, don't they?

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