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Meet Jio Institute — the quintessential imaginary boyfriend

The Institution of Eminence doesn't actually exist, but neither does our fictional bae who's a cross between Christian Bale and Pikachu

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 10 July 2018, 5:01 PM
Look, is that an award for something yet to exist?

Look, is that an award for something yet to exist? Image: Twitter

So, a university has acquired the highest academic honour of the country, even before it's built. So, it doesn't actually exist. Big deal — neither does our imaginary bae, and yet they have given us totally impossible standards which no human can match up to. 

It's called being imaginary.

The HRD ministry's selection of the yet-to-be-established Jio Institute by Reliance Foundation as one of the six "Institutions of Eminence" (IoE) drew sharp criticism from various quarters, with many questioning the process of selection and the motive behind it.

Just so you know, the award brings Jio in the same league as IIT-Bombay and IIT-Delhi — both of which have existed for more than half a century. But hey, Jio is probably going to have free Internet. Ever think about that?

The move led people to Google the Mukesh Ambai-backed Jio Institute, and look for its website, its Twitter page or its Facebook page or its Instagram or even just a picture of the grounds. They weren't exactly there, so to speak, but it's the idea that matters.

It's like when he says he is gonna text you back but doesn't. But he meant to, okay? His Jio 4G pack expired.

"It doesn't have a campus, a website or any alumni and it has left behind prominent IITs as well as private players like Ashoka University and OP Jindal Global University. It is yet to be established but will already be marketed as a world-class institution by the government. Can't we see the conflict of interest?" JNU professor Ayesha Kidwai said in an interview to news agencies.

The only information publicly available about Jio Institute was given by Nita Ambani at an event in March 2018, where she spoke about the Reliance Foundation’s plans to establish a university that would be truly world-class.

“A university at the cutting edge of research and innovation. A university that focuses on education and sports, art and culture. A university from the gates of which will emerge our future leaders, our musicians, our scientists, and our Olympians. Building such a university is our dream at Reliance Foundation,” she was quoted by The Wire as saying.

And you know the best way to start a university? Did you say build it? Lololol.

The UGC defended Jio Institute's inclusion on the grounds that it was selected under rules for greenfield institutions. According to officials, 11 such institutions had applied for the IoE tag and Jio was selected from among them.

It's exactly how we choose to stay in and watch Benedict Cumberbatch films, instead of actually going on a real date with a human. You think Ambani doesn't know that imaginary is always better?

People are being all sorts of mean to the yet-to-be-built Jio Institute, and some are even calling it the desi Hogwarts. Cuz, muggles can't see it. Get it?

Tweeple, we tell you. So snarky.

But we know you want to keep tabs on Jio. And for that, we give you its parody account. Until the university gets a totally eminent Twitter account.

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