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MCU fans are busy discussing what Thanos looks like, and we are busy laughing in a corner

The burning question about Thanos's appearance has finally got some hilarious answers

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 3 May 2018, 5:58 PM
Sorry, Shrek. Sorry, Thanos

Sorry, Shrek. Sorry, Thanos Image: Marvel Studios/Twitter

The supervillain who's basically trying to save the universe (umm, half of it) has arrived and floored us all. Yes, we are talking about the big, purple-skinned Mad Titan Thanos who made Avengers: Infinity War so much better.

If you tell us that you weren't impressed by the big guy, then we'd say, "Dude/dudette, stop fibbing".

During the entire length of the MCU bonanza, did it not cross your mind, 'Who/what does Thanos look like?'

Well, it's not just us. Others, too, had the burning question. Result? Hilarious comparisons and suggestions. Take a seat...

Wait, what?


Holy F!


Well, well, well.


We thought so, too.


Oh sheet!








This guy put a lot of thought into it.




We don't know THAT!


*thinks confused*


Sorry, Thanos.


This is our cue to leave,

#KThanxBye. We can't, simply can't, unsee these comparisons. Also us: *laughing hard in a corner*

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