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Man moral polices women wearing micro-minis at restaurant, gets trolled instead

Of course, in his mind he was saving India from being taken over by micro-minis!

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 9 July 2018, 4:10 PM
Spare us the sanskar (Image for representative purpose only)

Spare us the sanskar (Image for representative purpose only) Image: Thinkstock

Body shaming and slut-shaming are pretty rampant in India. Even if a woman's skirt is an inch shorter than the widely-accepted length (by the way, can you tell us what that might be?), she is definitely up for some high-octane censure. Despite all the modernisation shiz, India is still reeling from a parochial hangover. And speaking of conservative mentality, we recently came across someone who tried to moral-police women wearing micro-minis. Nothing extraordinary there, but what followed, was truly outstanding. Turns out, the self-proclaimed moral police got trolled on Twitter instead. For once, we like such trolls.

A couple of days ago, a man named Madhav tweeted about how six women wearing micro-minis at a Mumbai eatery were trying to damage India's cultural fabric, and how he taught them a lesson in his own cool way. Apparently, he wrote certain things on a blank whiteboard at the restaurant, slut-shaming the women. Yeah, that's the lesson. 

Though the torchbearer of sanskar was quick enough to delete the tweets, we have got our hands on a few screenshots. 

Image: Twitter

While Mr Cool thought he was saving India from the micro-mini apocalypse with swachh-sanskar-abhiyan-esque sermons, he got lambasted on the social media platform left, right and centre.

Here's what Tweeple had to say about Mr Cool:

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