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Kasautii Zindagii Kay reboot? Please don't bring back these 'ugly' styles from the show

Fingers crossed

Nivi Shrivastava @msjunebug_nivi 24 July 2018, 5:37 PM
Ekta Kapoor's Kasautii Zindagii Kay reboot is making its way back to our TV screens *shudders*

Ekta Kapoor's Kasautii Zindagii Kay reboot is making its way back to our TV screens *shudders* Image: FACEBOOK

Just a few days ago we learnt that one of the most-watched soap operas from our teenage days is ready to hit the idiot box again. The official announcement and teaser of Ekta Kapoor's Kasautii Zindagii Kay brought back a lot of memories from the early 2000s.

As we tried to recall the seven-year-long saga and the marathon love story of Prerna and Anurag, we couldn't help but wonder WTF was seriously wrong with the scriptwriters of the show. Anyhow, for soaps in that era, the concepts of infidelity, multiple rebirths and illogical family drama were pretty much normal, and this show was the epitome of a gibberish storyline.

The reboot of this 18-year-old show will see actor Erica Fernandes reprising the role of Prerna and actor Parth Samthaan will be playing the role of Anurag Basu, and according to the grapevine, the story will be quite similar to the previous show. While a lot of '90s kids and their moms are quite excited about the return of KZK, we are just concerned about one thing — the hideous fashion trends sported by the characters of KZK shouldn't come back, ever.

Here are the five big fashion put-offs from KZK that still give us nightmares.

Komolika's triangle sindoor: A triangle-shaped sindoor design? What kind of woman wears it like that? Any Indian woman who wears vermilion would know the struggle to apply it straight, but the lead vamp of KZK had all the time to make a perfect isosceles triangle every day. Really? Whoever thought of this idea to exaggerate the character must have been high on something, because it just makes no sense. 

Triangle sindoor, really?

Triangle sindoor, really? Image: YOUTUBE

 Mr Bajaj's satin robes: An inexplicable wardrobe favourite of Mr Bajaj throughout the show was ankle-length satin robes with matching jammies. We really don't understand the obsession with the style, but for every important scene, he was shot wearing this weird sleepwear.  

Satin sleepwear, such exquisite taste Mr Bajaj

Satin sleepwear, such exquisite taste Mr Bajaj Image: YOUTUBE

Prerna's Anarkali suits: There was something seriously wrong with the fundamental styling of KZK's characters — and we are still trying to figure out who was approving the looks before the shoot. It seems like the costume and make-up person hated the actors too much, and they had some sort of internal joke when they styled them for the show. Prerna, the lead woman of the show, was covered in weird long-sleeve Anarkali suits to make her look 'sansakari' but the story of her life narrated a different story. *you know what we mean*

The fabric never ends...

The fabric never ends... Image: YOUTUBE

Anurag's oversized suits: Anurag Basu, who played the male lead in KZK, was the worst-dressed of all. A fine guy like him was forced to be in baggy, oversized business suits, paired with a thick gold chain. Eww. Really, what were the stylists trying to convey by dressing him in clothes that looked like his dad's clothes? No wonder the lead actor, Cezzane Khan, left the show mid-way and was replaced by Hiten Tejwani.    

Once you see it, you can't unsee it

Once you see it, you can't unsee it Image: YOUTUBE

Mohini aunty's OTT bindi: Mohini Basu, who plays Prerna's MIL in the show, had some serious issues with everyone and we understood that by looking at her over-the-top red bindi. The lady of the Bengali upper-class household did everything unlady-like and still considered herself better than everyone else. Her love for loud make-up and jewellery was emulated by Komolika — and that's how the makers of the show generalised vamps for an entire generation. 

Damn, that bindi

Damn, that bindi Image: YOUTUBE

We could go on and on about so many other things that were so wrong about KZK, but if someone from the show is reading this, please don't bring these signature KZK  'trends' back because they never made sense then, and won't make sense in 2018 either.  

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