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Justin Trudeau's youngest kid seems to be Internet's latest Taimur

Hey Taimur, we still love you. But...

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 20 February 2018, 5:56 PM
The youngest Trudeau is winning the Internet and our hearts, too

The youngest Trudeau is winning the Internet and our hearts, too Image: Adam Scotti/Instagram

Hot humans, cute pups and awwdorable munchkins have the power to send the interweb (us, included) into a tizzy in no time. Did we just hear an, 'aye'? *grins *

RN, you know who's Internet's latest favourite? No, we're not talking of Priya Prakash Varrier. And no, it's not the eternal favourite Taimur either. It's Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's three-year-old son, Hadrien Trudeau — though we are crushing hard over senior Trudeau, too.

The minute the handsome PM set foot on Indian soil with his family —  he's here with his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and three kids (Xavier James, Ella-Grace Margaret and Hadrien) to strengthen bilateral relations between the two nations — we have seen (and can feel it, too) the rise in the temperatures. #NotLying. While he is charming the pants off the collective Internet, it is his little munchkin winning over hearts with his excessive cuteness.


We mean, just look at him. So cute, right?



Capturing the PM's daily life, his official photographer Adam Scotti's account is our go-to place at the moment. Cuz, he shares the most amazing clicks of the Trudeau family. Cuteness washing over us in 3...2...1. Plus, the netizens are gushing hard over Hadrien.






He is adorbs.





He just loves flowers.


"Like father, like son," is all we can say.



That will be a toughie.



Dancing like a pro.




Umm, ladies. This one's for you.




The Taj Mahal with @justinpjtrudeau #cdngingersnaps

A post shared by Adam Scotti (@adamscotti) on



The Trudeaus are in the country for a few more days and we're sure, Justin and Hadrien will keep breaking the Internet. All the best to those reeling with the Trudeau effect.

Hey Taimur, we still love you baby. It's just that Hadrien is cute, too.

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