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It's raining Sex and the City jokes as alum Cynthia Nixon announces run as New York governor

It's time for Sex and the City governor, y'all...

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 20 March 2018, 5:19 PM
Make way for Governor Nixon, please

Make way for Governor Nixon, please Image: Twitter

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon, who played Miranda Hobbes — the no-nonsense attorney and the first person to say "Men are shit" on TV —  has put her name in the New York City governor race. Nixon announced recently that she'll challenge Gov Andrew Cuomo in New York's Democratic primary in September.

Nixon, who is also an LGBT activist, is openly gay herself and has been applauded for her activism. In a video on Twitter, Nixon, who is also a public education advocate, says, "We want our government to work again." The 51-year-old Manhattan mother of three is an ally of Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who frequently clashes with Cuomo on various issues. 

Meanwhile, Twitterverse is bursting with pride and SATC jokes. It's time for Sex and the New York City governor edition.






"Are you a Carrie, a Samantha, a Charlotte, or a Gubernatorial candidate for the state of New York?" writer Jenny Jaffe wrote on Twitter. 






Her decision to run for NYC governor is also incredibly in sync with the theme of Sex and the City — as fans have always hailed the city of New York as one of the protagonists of the show. Entertainment editor Rachel Handler wrote: "New York WAS always the fifth character!!!"






And Twitter, in general, has found a new life. Have a look:




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