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Internet's review of Race 3 is more entertaining than the film itself. Yeah, we said it

Allah, you still ain't listening to our duhais. But thankfully, Tweeple did

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 16 June 2018, 12:25 PM
Race 3 reviews are in and we're laughing out loud

Race 3 reviews are in and we're laughing out loud Image: SKF

Thappad se darr nahi lagta sahab, Race 3 se lagta hai. Umm, if you got back to the 'race', then you will totally understand the truth of this statement. Only if you are not a Bhai fan. Else, you'd definitely love the film, through and through.

While none of our duhais to Allah worked (clearly), Race 3 dropped at the box-office as an Eid delight for Salman Khan fans. People flocked to catch the film and had nice things to say about it. JK!

The phrase disgRace 3 is back and Tweeple are roasting the Remo D' Souza helmer left, right and centre. We find the Twitter reactions more entertaining than the film itself. *sticks out tongue * That's just the plain truth, right there. All thanks to Tweeple.

Get that popcorn, will ya?

Umm, no!

That torture, though.

Ah, our eyes. Our eyes!

That's quick thinking, right there.



No thanks.

Hahahaha. This sounds good.



We'll settle for the latter.

True that.

That extreme, dude?


Yes, Atul. Someone finally said it. Thanks.

This is a genuine request to the makers to put an end to the series, right here. Cuz, we can't take it no more.

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