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#IDemand you read this and feel the pain of every Twitter user

Tweeple are sharing their cute and somewhat outrageous demands and we feel 'em

Nairita Mukherjee NotThatNairita 7 July 2018, 1:20 PM
#IDemand you let me stick my tongue out like this

#IDemand you let me stick my tongue out like this Image: Thinkstock

Currently, all #IDemand is the rain gods to have mercy on us. Oh, wait. Perhaps that should have been a prayer, not a demand. But you know what I mean.

But like this, Tweeple have their own set of demands that range from cute to very-funny to you-ain't-getting-that to simply outrageous. Under all those table-banging demands, however, is a paining pulpy, mushy heart that makes us cry. (PS. Some of those tears are from laughing too hard)

Of course, neither of these demands will be granted. But it's still fun and sadistically pleasurable. Huhaha *evil laugh*

Nope can't do

Err... that's life


You had me at 'office breaks'

Don't they have that already? #JustSaying 

Oh, candy. Gimme gimme gimme 

Oh, please don't do that. That's terrible 

Extra cheese, please. It's raining

Yeah, about that. That's where you realise the pain cuz you ain't getting it. You should, but you're not going to 

Or that

Or that either

That, we might be able to help you with

Oh, shoot! The wine made you whiney now 

And disillusioned, clearly

Stop it. No more wine for you

Yeah, #IDemand you stop now

And so should we. But just this last one before we leave...

This one is just THE mic drop. Peace out. 

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