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Marriages may or may not be made in heaven, but questions asked while looking for a partner are pure gold

'What was the headline in yesterday's newspaper?' or 'Write an Essay in English' — these are just a few hilarious AF sample questions released on Facebook by a matrimonial site

Nanda Das @nanda1das 17 May 2018, 4:59 PM
'Night shifts toh nahi karoge naa?' — have you been asked such a #RandomSawaal

'Night shifts toh nahi karoge naa?' — have you been asked such a #RandomSawaal Image: Twitter

Have you reached the age where 'concerned' family members and 'nosy' neighbours keep asking you "beta shaadi kab karoge?" TBH, that could be any age, right from the minute you turn an adult that is. We do get your pain.

But if you have ever been dragged to meetings to 'finalise' your potential partner, with your aunts, uncles, grandparents and, of course, mummy-daddy in tow, you will know how painfully embarrassing some random questions can get. And if you have been lucky enough to escape such a situation, pray that you don't get to see such a day, at least anytime soon.

Matrimonial site Jeevansathi seems to be well aware of such weird AF situations and queries, and has started a new contest on social media, asking people to mention the most random questions posed to them during their partner search under #RandomSawaal.

Get ready for some laughs.

Weddings can be fun, 'Random Sawaals' definitely aren't

Weddings can be fun, 'Random Sawaals' definitely aren't Image: Facebook

"#RandomSawaal After getting promotions and reaching to higher position, stress level increases.. are you ready to take that stress ??? Like seriously," a user shared.

For some, it felt more like a job interview.

"Kal ke newspaper की headline kya thi? Was one of the stupid question asked to me.. Man are you checking my current affairs? Are u marrying me or hiring for a job," another user shared.

Madhu wrote, "I remembered people use to ask me beta night shifts continue tho nahi karogi na.. although we want career oriented girl." *mind has been blown*

Your job interview may look like a cakewalk in comparison to such matrimonial meetings

Your job interview may look like a cakewalk in comparison to such matrimonial meetings Image: Twitter

Hold on, there's more. Another girl was asked if she would come to her potential in-laws' place for a trial stay before the wedding. We kid you not.

"So I remember this guy asking me if I could stay at his parents home(before the wedding) for few days to see if he really wants to take this marriage thing up with me, like one of those trials that you get when you buy stuff online! Funny world," she shared.

Rana Arjun even appeared for an English test. "Girl's father was an English lecturer. he asked to write an essay to check my proficiency in English," he posted.

Well, we can't stop laughing at these funny as f**k questions. Have you ever been bombarded with any such queries? Do let us know.

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