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Have you seen the 23andMe trolls yet? They. Are. Bizarre

US-based genetic testing service 23andMe claims to help people trace their roots in a unique way. Before you put two and two together, enjoy these trolls

Nanda Das @nanda1das 4 May 2018, 9:28 PM
Are you ready for your DNA test?

Are you ready for your DNA test?

Knowing your DNA test results can be interesting. But you will probably go ROFL if the report is produced by US-based genetic testing service called 23andMe, which claims to help people trace their roots. And not-so-surprisingly, most netizens are game.

23andMe is sharing people's DNA results on social media in the form of a percentage breakdown. And this has (again, not-so-surprisingly) made the company a laughing stock.

The results show the user a range of information about their family tree, primarily the exact regions of the world their ancestors have come from. And in an attempt to be more specific, the tests show a percentage breakdown of their ethnicity. Sounds weird? Even we are busy putting two and two together.

Instead of fretting over it, most people on Twitter are having a good laugh. 

Realising the buzz around the Internet's new-found craze, a user cheekily predicted that the website will soon snowball into a dating site.

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