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Have you heard of a species called hypocritopotumus? Farhan Akhtar is tweeting about it

Farhan has coined a new term that we can use anytime we switch on a desi news channel

Nivi Shrivastava 16 May 2018, 1:33 PM
Wondering about the hypocritopotumus, Farhan?

Wondering about the hypocritopotumus, Farhan? Image: FOTOCORP

Farhan Akhtar's #WednesdayWisdom just gave us a word we never knew we needed.

The Rock On star, who is vocal about a number of social causes, recently took to Twitter to take a jibe at the people we see on Indian news channels. He calls them 'hypocritopotumus,' and the nation wants to know what that means, TBH.

"Beware of the hypocritopotumus, a species that can be found waddling in many Indian channels nowadays," tweeted Farhan. 

We still don't know the context of this outburst and who he was hinting at (any guesses?), but we really appreciate Farhan being just the right kind of witty.

While fans and foes are still taking a wild guess about the newly-coined 'hypocritopotumus', Farhan's famous Bolly friends are tweeting in support. Check out those who are patting his back. 

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