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Girl requests Hindu customer service from Airtel, starts a Twitter war

People have a problem not only with her tweet, but also with the way Airtel handled the situation

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 19 June 2018, 2:16 PM
Twitter user's bigotry got Netizens talking

Twitter user's bigotry got Netizens talking Image: Airtel

Have Indians become so intolerant and their conscience so heavily tainted by shades of religious bigotry that they hold someone's religious beliefs against them in their day-to-day living?

Just a couple of months ago, we saw a “proud Hindu” cancelling an Ola because his driver was a Muslim. But Ola handled the matter with utmost care and buried the person with one tweet. Netizens handed out burns to him via memes and jokes. That's a different thing, but the hate crime was something no one could look past.

In another instance, similar in ways but more dreadful, a “proud Hindu” girl hailing from Lucknow, Pooja Singh, tweeted to Airtel DTH service about her woes. When Shoaib from the response team got in touch with her and tweeted to her, the girl requested a change of representative because, wait for it, he was Muslim. She has “no faith” in his working ethics “because Kuran may have different version for customer service”, and thus she requested to be assigned a Hindu representative for her request. 

Twitter user Pooja Singh's tweet thread

Twitter user Pooja Singh's tweet thread Image: Twitter

Excuse me? To begin with, one cannot just go about and start any sort of reasoning with “as you're a Muslim”. Secondly, the bigotry and communal hatred spilling from those words are not only hurtful to Shoaib and other Muslims, but to the basic essence of humanity. Thirdly and most importantly, what's wrong with you, lady?

If you thought that tweet was the only bad thing, then wait till you see how Airtel handled it. Instead of condemning the act, another 'Hindu' representative from the response team was assigned to Pooja. Are you kidding us?

As soon as the tweet started doing rounds on social media, people started expressing their opinions and calling out the bigotry.

From Swara Bhasker, Omar Abdullah to desi Tweeple, people just couldn't take the communal hate crime. 

But there was a section of Netizens who supported Pooja. 

She later put up a tweet with screenshots of the hate she was getting in her inbox that according to her re-instated the belief in why she requested a Hindu rep.

And in no time, there birthed a #IsupportPoojaSingh hashtag.

After hours went by, Airtel suddenly realised that they should have condemned the act by their customer and tweeted to Pooja.

Airtel's response to Pooja

Airtel's response to Pooja Image: Twitter

Just FYI Pooja, trolls don't have a religion. For all you know, it could be a Hindu man, using a fake Muslim Twitter handle to spread communal hatred. But what you did was wrong. Why is there so much hatred in your heart, propelled by someone's religion? People like Shoaib merely do their job. Plus, did you tell the world who was the person who harassed you in the first place? Did you reveal his caste and religion, too? Or you conveniently left that one out?

Whatever be it, India is still a democracy and such kind of hatred has no place in a diverse society like ours.

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