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EIC's new Women's Day video tells you how your Disney childhood failed you

Do you still live life by the broad timeline of a Disney princess (or prince)? Then here is a video by East India Comedy that we need you to watch today

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 8 March 2017, 7:16 PM
T2 Digs
Every mother vs Disney myth breakers league. Who wins?

Every mother vs Disney myth breakers league. Who wins? Image: Twitter

East India Comedy's latest outing has a mother, her child and three Disney princesses who come in to break their own myths. "Can you stop with the questions? Cinderella has to bounce at 12," Snow White tells the mum of a 4-year-old who just put her daughter to sleep with the erstwhile garbage of a tale of the 'Happily Ever After'. This is Fairy Fails, a video that gives you the awakening you already should've had by now.

"Propaganda by manipulative male writers," is what Snow White calls her own story. Turns out she isn't as desperate for Prince Charming as the Disney movies would have you believe. And Sleeping Beauty didn't like being kissed without her consent. They even joke about Prince Charming's bodily disfunctions, but we won't spoil all the fun for you.

"All of us have to be fair, docile, agreeable and skinny. We've been on a diet for 400 years. We saw pizza being invented but didn't get to eat it," says Sleeping Beauty, who clearly wasn't ready to be woken up yet. But she did wake up to a sad reality. The truth is most of us haven't.

But times have changed, says the mod mum. "Of course they have," says Snow, as she holds up a celebrity gossip magazine on the cover of which is a certain waif-like Bollywood actor with her alleged beau in conventionally-safe skimpy beachwear.

"But these are just tales to fuel her imagination," says the mother, which obviously invites the wrath of the Disney league and, well, what they do next is what you have to watch out for. Listen up when when the princess herself comes and tells you that there is no such thing as a 'happily ever after' or 'love at first sight'. "How do you fall in love with somebody who calls himself Prince Charming?" asks Snow White. We are also wondering the same. As should you.

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