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'You don't look like it' is the newest Twitter joke, and the pain is real

You don't look Rajasthani. What am I supposed to look like? A plate of dal bati churma doing the ghumar at its 5-month-old daughter's wedding?

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 11 July 2018, 4:53 PM
Am I not Arab enough for you?

Am I not Arab enough for you? Image: Twitter/Tapasri Saha

Stereotype, stereotype everywhere, which ones to believe? It's kind of really hard to break a certain stereotype associated with a culture, region or ethnicity. Like, I often get asked why I don't look like a Bengali despite being from Kolkata. Umm... because I am not!

The whole concept of generalising people has gone so far that now the only thing left to do is to make jokes and memes out of it.

So, taking that joke forward, a Tweeter posted how people told him he doesn't look Arab enough. His cheeky reply started a joke trend.

And then what? Desi Netizens jumped right in and made it a hugeeee success.

Oye hoye! 

Not Gujju enough for you?

*thinking about pork vindaloo now*

Did we just read biryani? (Sorry, food makes us go crazy)

Aiyyo! No!

Whoaaa, dude!

We'd suggest a different song though after the whole Padmaavat incident. JK!

Well... NO!

Kai zhala?



Umm... okay?

The fun has just begun and we are sure there's a lot more coming our way. #Waiting

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