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Dear men, this flowchart will help you understand if you're mansplaining. You're welcome

Let us explain to you how mansplaining works

Nairita Mukherjee NotThatNairita 21 July 2018, 2:10 PM
Got it?

Got it? Image: Thinkstock

Okay, so mansplaining is a menace. And trying to explain what mansplaining is could ironically turn into mansplaining, which is quite problematic. So, we're not going to tell you, we are going to show you. Well, Kim Goodwin is, TBH. 

Kim shared a carefully designed flowchart for men to understand and identify if and when they're mansplaining. This chart is targeted specifically towards men who butt in mid-conversation with a "basically" or "what she means is" and then expect a pat on their back for being a lexicon knight in shining armour.

Here, take a look. 

Just stop. kay?

Just stop. kay? GIF: Giphy

Tweeple will be forever grateful to this particular Kim, you've truly done something for the humankind, unlike two other Kims we know of. And they're all praises, too. 

But then, mansplainers will be mansplainers, right? So one good man made his way into the argument saying that what Kim is defining in the flowchart is basically condescending behaviour, hence it shouldn't be gendered. "Why make this a gendered issue? What you are basically defining here is condescending behaviour that can happen in any human interaction, regardless of gender. I take offence at the sexist implication that this is a male oriented behaviour. #shesexist #notallmen #genderequity", read the tweet. 

Kim patiently responded. And yep, this could also be a lesson in how to handle mansplainers. 

Although, there may be some merit to the point that women are capable of mansplaining, too. 

But, no Patrick, and others like Patrick. It's not only about the context. But about context and impact. 

And then there was some more mansplaining waiting for Kim. Apparently, its Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and not chauvinistic behaviour stemming from sexism. 

Yep, it's meta, alright. But it's actually not that difficult to understand. 

Now, if only Ranbir Kapoor had seen this flowchart before he did what he did to Katrina Kaif. Or Deepika Padukone. Tch tch tch. 

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