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Cheering Anushka Sharma has become a successful meme, and we're laughing hard

Can the meme-makers let go of something this fun? No way

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 14 April 2018, 6:32 PM
Ain't nobody cheering like Anushka

Ain't nobody cheering like Anushka Image: Twitter

You know what season it is? *someone says summer* Duh! Mr/Ms Obvious. That's there, but we were kind of looking for someone to say IPL, because it's on. People are glued to the TV sets and mobile phones. 'Score kya hai?' is on everyone's lips. Now, you can add another question — 'meme kya hai?'

Last night, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab battled it out, and RCB won the match after many years. Present at the venue was Captain Kohli's wifey Anushka Sharma, and her enthusiasm has caught social media's meme-scanning eye.

People were amazed to see Anushka's energy, and how can Tweeple not document such a moment in their meme-diary? We mean, come on, look at that.



Just as the match was over, Netizens got into their meme-mode and churned out the best they got.

Emotions are real.


Cuz, Rajma Chawal = Bae






That's really some achievement.


Keeping up with the trends.


Mummy ne meri tumhe chai pe bulaya hai...


True that.


My colleagues will troll me for putting this. They think I like Hero Alom. *pukes*


Side note:


One can't help but think, if RCB would've lost this match, would the same junta have had trolled the hell out of Anushka? They're capable, though. Anyhoo, right now is Jashn-e-RCB and Anushka's vivaciousness is viral, and we bet you can't delete this image from your meme-ory.

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