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Cat interrupts a live interview, Tweeple can't stop gushing about it

Lisio climbed onto his hooman's shoulders and made himself quite comfortable

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 9 July 2018, 3:04 PM
Lisio chilling the eff out while Dr Jerzy Targalski gives a live interview

Lisio chilling the eff out while Dr Jerzy Targalski gives a live interview Image: Twitter

Picture this: You are at that all-important interview, totally into the conversation, and your pet walks in from nowhere, climbs onto your shoulders and starts sniffing you. How would you react? Startled and disturbed, most likely. Or maybe just plain livid, isn't it? Something similar happened to Polish academic and former anti-communist activist, Jerzy Targalski, while he was being interviewed by Dutch journalist, Rudy Bouma.

The duo was in the middle of a serious conversation, live, when Targalski's cat, Lisio, walked into the room. Targalski was talking about Poland and how security services are controlling several areas of the country, when the playful feline climbed up his shoulders and made himself comfortable there. However, Targalski didn't skip a beat and continued speaking. But the furball was in no mood to stop its antics. Lisio wrapped his tail around Targalski's forehead making it difficult for him to continue.

Bouma took to Twitter and shared a glimpse of the incident. 

And Tweeple couldn't stop gushing about the adorable moment.

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