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Melania Trump's expression post meeting Vladimir Putin sparks Twitter frenzy

Hey Melania, you okay?

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 19 July 2018, 1:06 PM
Melania Trump, what's going on?

Melania Trump, what's going on? Image: Twitter

Meeting Vladimir Putin can be a daunting experience. Because, well, you have seen him and heard about him, and know what he can be like, right?

And we bet US First Lady Melania Trump will raise her hand in agreement.

Melania accompanied her husband President Donald Trump for a meeting with the Russian President Putin during the now-infamous Helsinki summit.

While the meeting itself was a colossal disaster (seriously, Google it), Melania's handshake with Putin caught Netizens' eyes. Immediately after shaking hands with Putin, Melania looked... well, shaken to her core.

We can't say we won't react the same way after Putin shakes our hand, but Melania usually does a better job of hiding her feelings. Get it? Cuz, she is married to Trump.

But Melania's expression is certainly confusing. The video of the handshake has gone viral and people can't stop obsessing over it.

Here's how Tweeple reacted to the video: 

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