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Beyonce's narcissistic record-breaking photoshoot isn't all that original

Beyonce might not need self propaganda, but she sure is going for it, and picking it up too

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 3 February 2017, 10:50 PM
T2 Digs
Queen Bey of self propaganda?

Queen Bey of self propaganda? Image: Facebook

Beyonce's maternity photoshoot broke all records of likes and egomania this week. The Crazy in Love singer posed for an extensive naturalist photoshoot to announce her second pregnancy, and turns out it wasn't even original.


Beyonce has been accused of stealing the look of her record-breaking Instagram post from M.I.A's upcoming music video, Powa. Have a look at the picture below, and tell us if you find any differences (except of course, the artiste).

M.I.A in the Powa video (Image: Facebook)

That's not all. Obviously we're not gonna hold an 'inspired' (bizarre floral-themed) photoshoot against the multiple Grammy winner. But when she goes on a self-propaganda spree of styling herself and daughter Blue Ivy to pose for a pregnancy announcement shoot in the unlikeliest of places, we are gonna talk. Cuz, someone has to.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy in the shoot (Image: Facebook)

By propping herself up on the hood of a red vintage car, laden with flowers, or accepting a flower from Blue Ivy as she lounges on an OTT couch, Queen Bey has paved her own way to some well-earned ridicule. Pregnancy is neither a miracle, nor an accomplishment. It is literally the most common thing happening all over the world, to millions of people. So, what's up with the self-brag?

(Image: Facebook)

To all those who are calling it Beyonce's act of love for fans, you need a reality check because when your favourite artiste poses up like some middle-earth Dionysus when her country is disintegrating at the speed of lightning, you need some perspective.

(Image: Facebook)

So as Beyonce fails to keep her head above water (literally), we ask, yet again, what went wrong Beyonce?

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