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Artist paints Princess Diana's portrait using HIV-positive blood to share an important message

Collins's tribute is a reminder of how the fight Lady Diana started is far from over

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 20 July 2018, 3:13 PM
The iconic picture of Princess Diana shaking hands with an unidentified AIDS patient

The iconic picture of Princess Diana shaking hands with an unidentified AIDS patient Image: Instagram

Some tributes are best paid in blood and Manchester-based artist Conor Collins decided to use just that to pay homage to Lady Diana Spencer's iconic moment, which marked a pathbreaking change when it comes to HIV and AIDS awareness around the globe.

Back in April 1987, when the stigma and misinformation surrounding HIV and AIDS was at an all-time high, the Princess of Wales created ripples when she decided to shake hands with an unidentified AIDS patient without wearing gloves. Diana's gesture helped shed the taboo surrounding the disease and the iconic photograph, till date, remains the symbol of a tectonic change in AIDS awareness.

In remembrance of Princess Diana's pivotal moment, which brought about the winds of change, Collins has painted a portrait of Lady Diana, using a mixture of HIV-positive blood and diamond dust.

Along with the portrait, Collins also went on to furnish some important bits of information regarding HIV and AIDS, to do his bit to increase general awareness.

Collins's piece of art is an important reminder that we need to build on the conversations and awareness drive Princess Diana helped start. The job is far from over. Despite several medical advancements in the field, HIV patients are still subjected to some sort of stigma or the other. Even though we talk of love, sex, or even HIV more openly now, people still look down upon patients suffering from AIDS. The fight needs to continue and we've barely scratched the surface when it comes to eradicating the many taboos associated with it.

The message resonated with the masses and the portrait soon went viral.

Here's how the Tweeple reacted to Collins's art of revolution and remembrance:

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