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Artist draws hilarious puns cuz she finds it hard to express herself

Pun for life, high 'til I die. Okay?! Okay!

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 18 July 2018, 5:18 PM
This one is razing some emotions in us

This one is razing some emotions in us Image: Instagram

Now, what's life with some puns? And, TBH, we quite like punny people. Lame, no lame, we don't care. We just like people who can have their way with words and twist them to make it more fun.

Call it fortunate or unfortunate, yours truly has hordes of punsters around who crack real good to real PJs in no time. #Facepalm. In their defence, that's how they communicate better.

Just like this 24-year-old artist, who started punning as a way to express herself. Abha Patil draws because she feels her scribbles express better than her words. She says, “I am a 24-year-old artist from India and I find it very difficult to express myself in words. Hence, I draw. I started with rough scribbles in my sketchbook and later switched to digital art.”

Abha has a set of cute and hilarious puns that she made last month. They are adorably funny, we promise. 

440 V!

I'm free, free pollen, free pollen 🎶

Some day

Every effin' month

Say this while you meteor

Life socks more when you lose one of the pair


I'm very, very Daisy when I see you


Totes, vood


Friend: What happened? Me: Batata hoon

For a healthy relationship, we need:

The vow!

Aam sexy too


It is


Hahaha! This is our fave

*mic drop*

Told ya they are cute!

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