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Are you in a toxic relationship like Mumbai and the rains? Here are 5 signs to watch out for

Get out. Get out now. While you can

Nairita Mukherjee NotThatNairita 9 July 2018, 3:12 PM
Mumbai is trapped, you are not. Get out

Mumbai is trapped, you are not. Get out Graphics: Tapasri Saha

Life has lessons to be learnt at every corner, pothole and waterlogged street. For instance, the relationship between Mumbai and the rains. It's toxic, period. Mumbai can't live with or without the rains, they get along like a house on fire, except the fire eventually burns the house down; or in this case, is doused by the incessant rains.

Mumbai (especially its people) is not in a happy relationship with the monsoons, and frankly, it has had enough of empty promises — it's never better the next time. Yet, Mumbai has no choice but to stick it out. And us, too. #MumbaiRains 

Mumbai is trapped. But you are not. Here are some signs that you are in a 'love-you-like-I-hate-you' relationship. Leave while you can or you will be flooded (with overwhelming emotions and self-hate).

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You feel drained
After a hard day's work getting home braving the torrential downpour is a task in itself and most definitely leaves you drained. If your relationship is doing the same — offering no respite despite the love you share — get out.

You feel you can't trust them
It may seem okay for you to wear your white maxi dress cuz it probably won't rain but by the time you reach the office, it seems you've stepped into a washing powder ad. Clearly, you can't trust the rains. Similarly, if there is a complete lack of trust in your relationship, is that even a relationship? 

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You feel every day is a challenge
Wake up and peep out of the window to gauge the rains, and then decide whether to venture out or opt for work from home or simply call in sick — alas, every day is a challenge and so stressful. But a loving relationship need not be like that. Instead of being a challenge, a loving relationship should be like that hot cup of chai you turn to when you've decided to actually call in sick. Bliss!

You feel trapped in a hostile atmosphere
Roads are waterlogged, foot overbridges collapse, and you never know if you will be sucked into the city's sewage lines through that open manhole — monsoons in Mumbai are hostile and dangerous. Ask yourself, should you feel endangered by the person you love? People who love you will not scare you, will they? 

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You feel unhappy
Let's face it, happiness is the ultimate test of any relationship. You may feel terribly depressed by looking at the gloomy skies outside and the weather forecast on your phones, but if you feel that way when you look at your partner, you're in a damaging relationship. That should be enough to help you plan your next step. 

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