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Andhra farmer puts up Sunny Leone's poster to ward off evil eye. And it's working

Now, no one but Leone looks at his crops. But of course

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 14 February 2018, 9:23 PM
Sunny seems to have superpowers we never knew of

Sunny seems to have superpowers we never knew of Image: Fotocorp

Remember how our old nans used to ward off the evil eye? From burning red chillies, applying the all-powerful kaala tika to putting up nimbu-mirchi— they've done it all.

But there's this Andhra farmer who doesn't believe in scarecrows (the ever-popular guardians of paddies) or the nimbu-mirchi. He has faith in something bright and sunny (pun intended) to ward off dark forces.

Forty five-year-old A Chenchu Reddy of Banda Kindi Palle village came up with a novel idea to deflect his fellow villagers' evil glares from his field. He put up a Sunny Leone poster as a distraction. We kid you not.



“This year, I have a good crop on 10 acres. This has been attracting unnecessary attention from villagers and passersby. To ward off their evil eye, I thought of this idea of putting up the big flax poster of Sunny Leone a couple of days ago,” he told Hindustan Times.

Donning a sultry-red bikini, Sunny's poster takes centrestage on the field. And, it reads: “Orey, nannu chusi edavakura (Hey, don’t cry or feel jealous of me)”

His trick seems to have worked, because he claims nobody looks at his crops — cauliflowers and cabbages — now. But of course!

As soon as the word spread, people couldn't help but laud the genius that Mr Reddy is. And, we share the sentiment. That's one really smart move. We are coming to take notes.

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